Yorkie Puppy

While the traditional family dog may bring to mind iconic breeds like the Golden Retriever, a great family dog doesn’t have to be large. Many small breed dogs are excellent with kids, elderly family members and even other cats and dogs that can bring a lot of love and life to your home. Here are just three reasons a small dog breed may be ideal for your family.

1. Low-Cost Small Puppy Breeds That Anyone Can Adopt

A small pet breed means small everything else, including the pet category in your budget. When it comes to everyday savings, small dogs like the Shichon eat a fraction of the amount of food that a larger breed can put down, which can add up to hundreds of dollars in savings over the course of a year. Preventive medicine such as heartworm and flea and tick prevention are also usually priced by breed size, which means the smaller your dog, the lower your bill. Shampoo, toothpaste and all other grooming products will even last a great deal longer when you’re using them on a small puppy because you’re using much smaller amounts.

Pet supplies will also be cheaper for smaller dogs as everything from crates and dog beds to leashes, and fun t-shirts are priced based on size. A small dog crate can be as cheap as $20 or so, but a crate for a large breed can run up into the $100 or more range. Many people often underestimate how much money goes into taking care of a puppy throughout the year, and if you’re at all concerned about budget, a small puppy dog is a great bet.

2. Let’s Talk Small Dog Exercise

All dogs need daily exercise to be at their best physically and mentally, but how much they need depends heavily on the puppy breed, size, and overall energy level. Large dog breeds may need an hour-long walk covering a few miles to be settled enough not to chew or bark when they shouldn’t, and this can be difficult for many families to provide. One of the best advantages of a small dog is that it’s generally much easier to get their energy out. A small dog means shorter legs and smaller steps, so most only need a walk around the block to be happy, and many can get by with a high-energy play romp around their fenced-in yard. Bonus: Small pets are easier to walk on a leash, tend to pull less and are easier to control if another dog approaches. If all else fails, they’re small enough to pick up and carry home.

3. They’re the Best Lap Dogs for Cuddly Pet Owners

While some large breed dogs like Great Danoodles would like to think they’re lap dogs, it’s just not that comfortable to try to watch TV with a 100-pound pup on your lap. Small dog breeds, on the other hand, are great snugglers, providing that comforting warmth without taking up too much room on the couch or the bed, and their relatively low energy levels mean they’re content to nap away while you spend the day binge watching.

If you’re ready to add a cute small puppy to your family, Pennsylvania Puppies Online can help you find just the right dog breed for you.