Bradford L. AvatarBradford L.

Great experience!! So much love and care here for all the puppies!! - 9/11/2022 

Lewis C. AvatarLewis C.

Great help from a loving group of folks - 9/11/2022 

Merle B. AvatarMerle B.

I can't believe how happy Cindy and I are with Ken and Pa.Puppies on line. When I called they actually answered their phone.. our puppy is happy and healthy thanks to Ken. Very, very nice and sincere. I love this place. - 9/07/2022 

RagzFPS AvatarRagzFPS

Great people and they were really welcoming and detailed about the whole process. I highly recommend - 9/06/2022 

Mary J. AvatarMary J.

We just got our puppy from here and we love him. The staff were so friendly and helpful. We highly recommend this place to whom ever wants to get a dog. We truly appreciated Kenneth on how he helped us get the dog we wanted. - 9/06/2022 

gaby k. Avatargaby k.

The process to come, meet and choose a puppy was amazing. The owners are so patient and informative. I highly recommend them. - 9/06/2022 

Todd M. AvatarTodd M.

What a great pup we got. We saw his pictures online and fell in love. We live on the west coast and decided to fly east to check him out. Boy are we glad we did. He's the sweetest little guy and very well behaved. We rented a car and drove in from Philly. It was a beautiful road trip through the country. We even enjoyed complimentary beverages at Pennsylvania Puppies while getting to know our doggo. Moscato anyone?! 🥂 - 9/06/2022 

Only1 M. AvatarOnly1 M.

Awesome experience. Staff was very kind and helpful. I will be back. - 9/06/2022 

michael m. Avatarmichael m.

Nice place and very nice to me and my son. They are ver knowledgeable and helpful with my dog I got and not pushy at all. I will be back to get another puppy - 8/30/2022 

Maria M. AvatarMaria M.

I is good buy - 8/23/2022 

Destiny AvatarDestiny

Had a wonderful experience picking out my puppy. Kenneth was super helpful and open to showing me more puppies. I am so excited and thrilled with the results. - 8/16/2022 

Dominique B. AvatarDominique B.

We’ve got our Cavapoo “Dale” with this company and they were amazing! They are kind and caring to their animals. Our Noodles is happy and healthy. He has been an amazing addition to our family and we love him a ton. We are looking to get another puppy from them in the near future! - 8/16/2022 

Darrius N. AvatarDarrius N.

Great experience here! We got our first dog here when they were located in Maryland. We will definitely look here for our next one soon! - 8/16/2022 

Amira L. AvatarAmira L.

Went to see the Shih-Poo and fell all the way in love. Ms. Diana and Ms. Tiffany they both provided exceptional assistance and was very assuring that this first time fur baby owner made a great choice. Thanks ladies! - 8/13/2022 

pearl g. Avatarpearl g.

Thank you outstanding we just love the service and they were so patient would definitely recommend them. - 8/13/2022 

Angela Y. AvatarAngela Y.

Very friendly and easy to work with!! So happy I found this place to get a dog for my grandmother. Highly recommend! - 8/13/2022 

melfry80 Avatarmelfry80

Took a chance on this place after losing my beloved all black Pomeranian Rocco. They had an adorable black pom named Astro advertised on their website and I couldn’t resist wanting to purchase him. PA puppies was responsive, helpful, and professional, and I have a wonderful new addition to my family in Astro. Overall I had a good experience at PA puppies. - 8/13/2022 

Lloyd H. AvatarLloyd H.

- 8/13/2022 

Joe M. AvatarJoe M.

- 8/13/2022 

Brooke P. AvatarBrooke P.

We picked up our Cavapoo, Max, in a clean, warm, and welcoming environment! Super friendly and easy transaction would recommend! - 8/13/2022