• Gucci– Dapper Cavachon Puppy

    Male, 22 weeks old (08/21/22)
    Adult Weight 12 - 15 lbs.
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Cavachon Puppies for Sale in Pennsylvania

It’s unknown who first crossbred the bichon frise and the Cavalier King Charles spaniel. The popular hybrid is generally found in pet stores or from specialized breeders. The so-called Cavachon is a small breed of dog that reaches between 15 and 18 pounds. They also have small heads, adorable floppy ears and strong, muscular legs.

Breed Characteristics

The people-pleasing Cavachon gets its personality from both of its parent breeds. Fun-loving and cute, they are friendly dogs that enjoy the company of their humans. These dogs are active, loving to play and exercise at every opportunity. This means they need daily walks and plenty of obedience training to be the best pet possible. However, Cavachons are very friendly and cuddly, and after a play session, your puppy is likely to curl up in your lap for some quiet time. Cavachons are social dogs that prefer the company of other animals and family rather than being alone.

Cavachons are prone to knee issues, and excess weight can exacerbate the problem. Cavachons usually have tear staining, so owners should wash eyes daily to prevent rust-colored stains from setting into the fur.

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