Male, 198 weeks old (11/16/18)
    Adult Weight 1 - 1 lbs.
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Labradoodle Puppies for Sale in Pennsylvania

As the name suggests, the Labradoodle is a cross between the Labrador retriever and the poodle, and this crossbreed has become one of the most popular in recent years due to the dog’s friendly, loving personality and nonshedding coat. Labradoodles have a poodle-like coat that’s fluffy and wavy, and they don’t require grooming outside of keeping them clipped, particularly around the muzzle and the feet, which pick up water and mud more easily. The size of these dogs can range considerably depending on whether a standard or miniature poodle is used in the breeding. Coat colors are usually black, brown or tan.

Breed Characteristics

Both the Labrador retriever and the poodle are water dogs, and the Labradoodle is known for its affinity for swimming or just playing in puddles. This is a dog that likes to have fun and is up for pretty much any adventure its owners take it on. These dogs are great hiking companions and are very trainable, making them suited to agility or advanced obedience work. While Labradoodles are excellent watchdogs if all you need is a bark to alert you of someone nearby, they think everyone is a friend and aren’t great guard dogs.

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