• Kona-Stunning Male Lhasa-Poo Puppy

    Male, 13 weeks old (11/03/22)
    Adult Weight 11 - 13 lbs.
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Lhasa-Poo Puppies for Sale in Pennsylvania

Weighing in at only 10 to 20 pounds, the Lhasa-poo is a newer designer crossbreed that is quickly gaining popularity. This cross between the Lhasa apso and the miniature poodle delivers a friendly, adaptable dog that doesn’t shed and is generally considered hypoallergenic. As with many crossbreeds, the overall appearance can vary dramatically, but generally, Lhasa-poos take strongly after one side. Their soft coats may be curly or straight, and which one you end up with determines how much grooming will be involved.

Breed Characteristics

Lhasa-poos are generally very affectionate and loyal when it comes to their own families, but the Lhasa apso’s suspicious nature and wariness around strangers can mean a more standoffish Lhasa-poo puppy. This can be a plus if you’re looking for a watchdog. Both parent breeds are smart and respond well to positive reinforcement training, but they can have a stubborn streak, so Lhasa-poo owners will need to ensure that boundaries and discipline remain consistent from puppyhood on. This breed is good with humans of all ages and sizes and enjoys playing with other dogs of similar size. They have moderate activity needs that are satisfied with a daily walk.

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