• Roger- Playful Cream Male PooChon Puppy

    Male, 17 weeks old (10/06/22)
    Adult Weight 10 - 13 lbs.
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Poo-Chon Puppies for Sale in Pennsylvania

Poo-chons, which are also sometimes called Bichpoos, are a popular designer breed that crosses the bichon frise with the miniature or toy poodle. This breed originally came out of Australia in the 1990s but quickly gained popularity across the rest of the globe. They grow to be 9 to 18 pounds and are usually less than 12 inches tall. Poochons usually have the teddy bear face of the bichon frise with the poodle’s fluffy, nonshedding coat, and they can come in several different colors, with pure white being the most popular. They do need regular clipping to maintain their coats.

Breed Characteristics

Even though Poo-chons are small, they still have a lot of energy and need to be able to burn it off during the day to be the calm, loving dog every family wants. A brisk 30-minute walk and a few short obedience sessions daily should be enough to keep your pup active and mentally stimulated. Poo-chons are known for being easy to house train and pick up basic obedience commands quickly thanks to both parent breeds’ intelligence, and they respond very well to praise from their owners.

If you’re looking for a new puppy and think a Poo-chon may be right for your family, search for dogs at Pennsylvania Puppies Online.


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