• Lexi – Lovely Brown Little Female Shorkie Puppy

    Female, 12 weeks old (11/10/22)
    Adult Weight 10 - 13 lbs.
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Shorkies Puppies for Sale in Pennsylvania

The Shorkie, a crossbreed between the shih tzu and the Yorkshire terrier, is one of the most popular designer breeds in the United Kingdom. These dogs are quite small, growing to only 7 to 9 inches and 10 to 14 pounds as adults. They get their long coats that are more like human hair than fur from both parents and need lots of brushing to keep it smooth and tangle-free, which is why many owners choose to have them clipped short instead. Popular color variations include salt and pepper and black and tan.

Breed Characteristics

Shorkies are fantastic watchdogs and will bark when anyone comes to the door, friend or otherwise. They get this alertness from both sides and may need consistent training to keep the barking instinct in check. This can also mean they’re more standoffish with strangers and need time to warm up to new people. However, they are very affectionate with their family and make great lapdogs once they’ve gotten their wiggles out. Shorkies have a lot of personality, and that can include a stubborn streak that makes housebreaking and obedience training more difficult. Crate training as soon as possible and enforcing consistent boundaries can help with this.

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